Date Ideas / Tuesday, January 30th, 2018


The Caring Well Institute is dedicated to the promotion of human flourishing, and encourages the ever forward movement toward realizing the fullness of human potential.

Through the Caring Well Institute, St. Med is positioned as Lowell’s premier Catholic Health Care facility to offer unparalleled health education opportunities and programs to the Lowell community, to the Northern Massachusetts region, and to the bordering states of New Hampshire and Maine. The Institute will serve patients, families, health care workers, first responders, and educators through seminars, workshops, major conferences and lectures designed to raise the standard of awareness of and better care for key matters of body, mind and spirit.

The Caring Well Institute, through continuous learning opportunities, assists employees in the development of knowledge, attitude, and skills necessary to support the strategic goals of Saints Medical Center and its dedication to the ideals of Catholic healthcare. The Institute promotes a climate dedicated to excellence, innovation, teamwork and continuous change. The public is invited to join in these learning opportunities and, thereby, contribute to the common good of institutions, family, and community. To this end, The Caring Well Institute is pleased and grateful to have forged cooperative relationships with Emmanuel College, Rivier College, D’Youville Senior Care, Inc., and various faith-based communities of all denominations.


The Caring Well Institute will be a leader in workforce development, a model provider of continuous organizational learning, and a driver of institutional change.

The goal of the Institute is to instill in its employees and its participating friends, at every level, a sense of shared expertise and insight that will enrich their lives personally and professionally. With the support of its employees and participating friends, the objective of The Caring Well Institute is to become an outstanding organization of continuous learning around essential matters of body, mind and spirit. The Institute is the place where investment in and development of future leaders at every level and across all disciplines will “change lives and shape futures.”

The Caring Well Institute is generously endowed by a grant from the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa.