About Me

My name is Karen. When I first heard of eHarmony, I thought it was too good to be true. Nobody I knew was on it and it just didn’t seem like something I was interested in. Flash forward 10 years and I’m no longer the doe-eyed 20 year old know-it-all girl that I was. I’m a grown 30 year old female who’s currently looking for love.

I decided to give eHarmony a shot because a few friends had met their husbands on there over the years. I’m writing this blog to let others know of my experience (and if eHarmony is reading this….can they give me a free subscription? lol). I promise to report on both the good and bad of things.

Right now, I’m currently in an open relationship with a guy I met on there. We both agreed to this arrangement because we want to make 100% sure that the person we decide to marry is our soul mate. It’s going to take many days, weeks, and even moths before I know for sure. Stay tuned to read more about my online dating adventures on eHarmony!