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February 2015 Annual Smoke Out

November 2014 is designated as the official stop smoking month. We ask that you and your loved ones give up smoking. Statistically speaking, you have the greatest chance at quitting smoking at this time of year vs. any other. The reason being is due to the many public and religious holidays that occur from the start of November to the end of December. Smoking cessation is one of the hardest things a person can do, and some studies have shown that quitting smoking is actually harder than quitting a hard drug such as heroin. This is due to the chemicals inside the tobacco and the relationship they have with the human brain when it comes to chemical dependency. We have compiled a list of ways you can successfully quit smoking:

1. eCigs

eCigarettes have been around for a few years, and while the verdict is still out as to whether or not they are a safe alternative to actual cigarettes, they are being used by more and more people to “wean” themselves off cigarettes. The main argument for eCigs is that they don’t contain the harmful chemicals that the tobacco companies put inside regular cigarettes. The main argument against eCigs is that they can be used as a quasi “gateway drug” to actual cigarettes. One researcher likened ecigs to smokers and methadone is to heroin addicts. Not exactly a huge step down….but a step in the right direction. The actual cost of the ecigs varies from company to company, but we have found that V2 cigs coupon is the best way to save money if you should decide to start vaping.

2. “Stop Smoking Pills”

We have used the layman term for a general class of drugs that cause the brain to disassociate nicotine with pleasure, as well as helping reduce the cravings once you quit. We cannot give advice as to whether or not you should choose this route, it is best to speak with your doctor. Some people have reported negative effects (such as suicidal thoughts) from taking these pills, as each person’s brain reacts differently to the medication. Such brands as Chantix and Bupropion have been used to help quit smoking successfully.

3. Nicotine Patches and Gum

These have been around for quit some time, and have successfully helped millions of people quit smoking. The patches are to be applied once a day (following the program set forth by the manufacturer) and the gum is to be chewed as needed. Some people have reported more success with the patches, due to only having to put it on once in the morning versus having to remember to carry the gum and then chew it when you get a craving. The downside to both of these programs is that they can cost a significant amount of money. The prices have gone up over the past 5 years.

4. Cold Turkey

Last, and most certainly not least is “cold turkey”. Meaning you pick a quit date and then never smoke a cigarette ever again. Most people cannot handle the massive withdrawals that come from quitting smoking cold turkey. But there are those who insist on doing it this way.

Whichever way you choose to quit, we wish you the best of luck. You should also inform your family and friends (and even co-workers) of your quit date so that they can be supportive of you and show empathy. Some people report an increase in appetite, and some others report a slight gain in weight (10lbs being the average) but generally speaking it’s only a temporary weight gain. Choose to live your life and take care of your body, and it will take care of you. Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things you can do, but it’s also one of the best things you can do to lengthen your life and increase the overall healthiness of your body.

Stuart Millheiser

(San Juan, Capistrano, September 27th, 2014), The ALS charity ALS Guardian Angels is operated by Stuart Millheiser who donates 100% of the donations directly to people with ALS. He recently won a local humanitarian award given to him by the Orange County Register. The organization is a 501(c)(3) organization and he funds the charity out of his own bank account. They are now seeking new donors to help the ALS Patients directly, as most other charities only focus on finding a cure for ALS, Stu is in the proverbial trenches on a day-to-day basis, visiting the people he helps and trying to help them find some comfort with this debilitating condition.

Lowell General Hospital and Saints Medical Center
Announce Affiliation

(Lowell, MA) LowellGeneralHospital and Saints Medical Center today announced that they have agreed to a memorandum of understanding with the goal of having the two hospitals affiliate with each other.

Leading the Way

As one of the largest providers of health care in the Merrimack Valley, Saints Medical Center is leading the way with our Centers of Excellence in extraordinary cancer care, cardiovascular medicine, orthopedics and women’s health. Saints also offers a wide range of clinical services and a vibrant community health and wellness program.

Hospital News
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Breakthrough Treatments

Saints Medical Center Is the First Hospital in New England to Use GPS for the Body® in Precision-guided Radiation Therapy for Treating Prostate Cancer GPS for the Body® detects organ motion in real time to deliver targeted radiation therapy Lowell, MA, June 24, 2008 – Beginning in June, the Cancer Center at Saints Medical Center is theRead More Read More


Careers Saints Medical Center is a leading health care employer in the Greater Lowell area and welcomes inquiries and applications from anyone interested in pursuing a rewarding career in health care. Those who choose Saints for employment are assured of a workplace that values and respects every individual regardless of job status or position. WeRead More Read More

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ALS Guardian Angels

ALS Guardian Angels was set up by Stuart Millheiser to help those in life with ALS. 100% of the donations 

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

The 2014 Greater Baltimore Heart Walk

The 2014 Greater Baltimore Heart Walk

  • Baltimore
  • October 11th, 2014
  • 9am - 9pm

Help fundraise for the 2014 heartwalk in Baltimore. You will be helping raise money for heart heathly awareness and research. The Heartwalk is sponsored and run by the American Heart Association. Read More

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